July 2013

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  May 2013

Check out the new links to my games on the Printables page, they are ready to pring - just sent to Staples and it will only cost a couple bucks to get the printed and the results are amazing!  

Also:  Scroll down on the Printables page for the link to the Grade 1 Scales and Chord book.  Ready to play!

Print your newsletter if you missed it here:

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Visit the Studio Policy page to open the correct file for your 2013/2014 studio policy.

 May 2013

Guess What! Recital Time is just around the corner!! Our final recital is booked 

June 7th at 6:30pm 

at the Chilliwack Baptist Church 

46336 First Avenue

Don't forget to bring your family and friends to this exciting event!!

There will be a reception afterwards - please bring a plate of goodies to share, I will provide the Coffee, Tea and Juice.  Can't wait to see you there!

Important Registration Information will be sent home soon! Please Register Early as Afterschool slots fill up very quickly!

Don't forget to check out the NEW Summer Mini Camps that will be offered in 4 day sessions throughout the summer!  They are a great way for your child to keep their musical skills sharp and have a whole lot of fun in a group setting!

  April 15, 2013 

What an amazing month it has been!  The music festival was a huge success for all Tiny Tinkles Students!  Impressively, all Tiny Tinkles students were awarded Silvers and some even won Golds!  Alexus  B. was chosen to compete in the Junior Play-offs - Congratulations to all of our participants on their excellent achievements!  Thanks for allowing us to celebrate with you by sending in your pictures!

March 1, 2013 

It's Music Festival Time!!

We've been practicing, memorizing, and putting our final finishing touches on our performances!  Can't wait to hear how all your performances go!

Just a few reminders:

Don't forget to wear sensible shoes! - be ready for the pedal....

Were appropriate business like clothing - no jeans please!  This is your time to shine - ENJOY!

Remember it is polite to bow before you perform for the Adjudicator, and of course I don't need to remind you to bow after you play!

Have fun- you've worked so hard to get ready, now just own that stage when you get up there......

And lastly, GOOD LUCK!

 December 18, 2012

 It is funny, every time I try to start up a blog, I realize how hard it is to keep posting up to date!  I have to apologize to all of you who regularly check for updates and I have neglected to stay on top of things!!  What a busy season it has been - send me your pics and videos of the Recital and you might just end up with them posted here on our website!  (With your permission of course:)  The christmas recital is complete and it was full of AMAZING performances   

Enjoy your winter break! See you in 2013....

 -- unfortunately Miss Chelsea was too sick to come to her first recital, but I have a video of her mini recital to share with you today!

See you in 2013....

 October 30, 2012

 Parents, it is now time to make your decision up on if your child is wanting to participate in the Chilliwack Lions Music and Dance Festival....  This is an excellent opportunity to encourage your child to express themselves and define their artistry through music!  Each student who participates receives a certificate and an adjudication sheet with valuable ideas and expertise - methods they can use to improve their playing.  Students have the choice of entering competative or non-competative.  If you are interested please ask me for more information.  The deadline to participate is November 15th - all associated fees and forms are are required by November 15th.

  Wunderkeys Parents - 

Its' time for a new fingerplay!  

Five Tall Soldiers

  October 1, 2012

 The Scale Challenge!

Are you ready for this?   In the coming weeks until Christmas, Tiny Tinkles students in the Preparatory Level and up will be participating in a scale challenge!  Next week, your child will be given a bookmark, and they will need to EARN stickers to place on it - Once they fill their bookmark up they can pick a prize!  Please encourage your child to master the scales listed on their notice....

 Wunderkeys Parents - 

Here are the links to this weeks practice pieces!   

 Makin Mud Pies

 Thumbelina is SO BIG!

Your child will probably not be able to reach Thumbelina all the way to Pinky Pig!  I'm looking to see your child wiggling each of their fingers independantly - so don't worry if your child is unable to do it!  

September 10th, 2012 

 Welcome Everyone!  Please visit this page often to keep up to date on events and important information for Tiny Tinkles Students!  Everything you need to know (and probably more) will be posted here!

Wunderkeys Parents

Here are the links to this weeks practice pieces!  Have fun singing with your wee ones :)   

Wake up Pointer Panda - we have just begun this song, and have not yet learned all of the words... Follow along with the words printed in your piano planner.  You might like to try singing this without the video as well. I find that the recording is WAY TOO quick for the kids to keep up. 

The Duck Song -  Follow the words in your piano planner.... Even if your child does not sing all of the words, that is OKAY!  Just make sure they join in during the quacking -- songs like this teach children all about rhythm in music and how we also use it while we read.

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