Frequently Asked Questions 



Not exactly.  You do not need to have an acoustic piano at home....  You may have an electric piano or even a keyboard.  It is best to have an instrument that has full sized keys or very close to it.  An acoustic piano can be a very large investment and if you are concerned that your child may lose interest after a year of lessons you may want to purchase a keyboard as a temporary instrument. 

If you are in the Learning Groove or KiddyKeys, you do not need a piano! 

Where can I find/buy a keyboard or piano that is suitable?

If you are looking to purchase an instrument and would like some input or some suggestions feel free to email me:


Lessons are generally weekly with the exception of school holidays and statutory holidays -- Check the studio policy page for more info on the calendar for your program

How much does my child need to practice for piano lessons?

If you have a preschool/kindergarden aged child you should anticipate them practicing about 5 minutes per day twice a day.....  It is QUALITY not quantity...  At this beginning stage it is of the utmost importance that you make sure your child is enjoying learning and to be blunt - sitting at the piano for 20 - 30 minutes at a time to practice can be horrifying for a 4-6 year old!!  Think about practicing one minute for every year of your age and aim to do it twice per day....  So a 4 year old should practice around 4 minutes twice per day.  A 10 year old should practice 10 minutes twice per day, and so on...  Intermediate and Advanced students are expected to practice more, depending also upon their ability and age.

We are busy parents, and that's why Preschool and Parent and Child Classes were designed to be so easy to just join in the fun that no home practice is required.  Listening to the CDs and online material is always helpful in promoting class participation!

What if my child does not want to participate in recitals, festivals, or exams?

These are options that are available to all of my students and are completely voluntary!  It is your decision to make and I will support you no matter what you decide.

Why do lessons end in the beginning of June and I am charged for the full month of Piano Lessons?

June is such a busy month for everyone....the last lesson is scheduled to end in the middle of June to accomodate students who are involved in other activities to free up their schedule... This also allows for any residual make-up lessons to be completed before summer vacation begins.  Your monthly payment is made up by calculating an average payment amount over the 10 months of lessons.  The total number of lessons is counted for the time period from September to June and divided into 10 equal payments.  If you have anymore questions regarding this matter please ask me.

Do you teach lessons in the summer?

Yes I teach lessons in the summer.  There will be some time during the summer that I am away, but I will be around more than away.  Contact me if you are interested in arranging a lesson time during the day.