Welcome LME Cougars! 

 2013/2014 Class Performances

One of the best things about my job as a Registered Music Teacher, is helping out in my son, Andrew's class at school. We entered a contest called "Sing Me A Song, BC."  Shaw TV came and did a "bit on us... AND WE WON! $1000 went to Little Mountain Elementary School's Music Program and purchased them a new piano!

The  Magic of Christmas - 

I wrote this song to capture the true meaning of what Christmas means to me - hope you like it!

Santa's Comin -

I wrote this silly song a few years ago, (as you will see our debut performance below) The Kids always enjoy performing this piece cause they love being able to use all the instruments! 


2011/2012 ARCHIVE 

This page is dedicated to Mrs. Cuervo's Grade 4 Class!


Thanks for letting me be a part of your Musical Learning Experience for 2011/2012!  I had a fabulous time!


Our  O Canada Contest Entry 

We entered in a contest for Long and Mcquade and performed O Canada and won $300 worth of Gift Cards to purchase new music and instruments for our class!

Glockenspiels and Maracas 

Xylophones and Triangles 

Boomwhackers!  And of Course, Recorders too! 


Here's a sample of some of the fun things we did during the school year! 

 Santa's Comin

 Our Christmas Concert Performance

Music and Words written by Debra Krol

(AKA TinyTinkles Music Studio)