All Tiny Tinkles Music Programs are eligible for the NEW - Children's Arts Tax Credit!




For Children ages 4 to 6 years


$50/month plus $50 Registration & Supply Fee 10 Month Program

Includes a student music workbook and online membership to MusicLearningCommunity.com





 45 - 60 minute weekly classes in a full school years program.  "Mini Music" created by Paula Manwaring - is a transitional program for children ho have either completed the MFLM program, or older children who are not yet ready to sit still for private lessons.  Your child will be introduced to many orchestral instruments, learn to read music on the staff and recognize intervals by sight and sound.  Solfedge is learned and music is played on the glockenspiel.  Students are also introduced to the piano.  This is an excellent class for kids who have parents that are not ready to invest in an expensive musical instrument!