Set Your Child Up For SUCCESS! 

As a mother, I know how important it is for my children to realize they can do anything if they try! 
Self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence is the key to raising children who feel good about themselves. 
I believe in acknowledging every student's effort by responding with encouragement and praise.   
Recognizing that all children have different learning styles (Sensory, Visual, Active, or Sequential) 
and the ability to approach learning from many different angles is what makes my students shine.  
My goal as a teacher is to create a concrete foundation for music so that all of my students become well rounded musicians

The Benefits of piano lessons go beyond music education.  Learning to play the piano and the study of music in general, engages both hemispheres of the brain.  Music education develops fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination; it improves concentration, memory, and confidence.  Musicians use their math skills to master rhythm, and through the use of poetry and meter - a greater understanding and appreciation for the English language is realized.  Through the use of musical phrasing, dynamics and shaping, studying music allows students to express themselves.  A sense of accomplishment and self-respect is achieved when students master challenging pieces.  By encouraging students to participate performance opportunities, they learn how to cope in high pressure environments. 

Students can transfer every skill they have learned through piano lessons into all aspects of their grown-up lives, enabling them to handle stress with poise and grace.  I use all kinds of musical instruments to help your child learn!  Drums, Glockenspeil, rhythm sticks, triangles, boomwhackers, sandblocks, shakers, etc...  I firmly believe that if your child is having fun - they are more likely to grasp the concepts that are being taught- and remember them!  Most of my "parents" tell me that they cannot get their kids to stop practicing -- that they never have to ask them to do so... 

They just do it!  If you are looking for an instructor that is extremely patient and has the compassion, ability, and experience in dealing with young children, call me....