What do Tiny Tinkles Piano Programs Include?


 Customized Piano Planner for each level

Customized lesson plans for each student's needs

Free coffee and tea for Mom's and Dad's

Minimum of 2 Studio Recitals per school year

Opportunities to perform in Masterclasses and Music Festivals 

The option to take Royal Conservatory Exams



Ages 3-5

There are two options for private (one-on-one) piano lessons for preschoolers.  One option is the Wunderkeys program, and another is the Music for Little Mozarts program.  Please visit each page for more information.  I have had great success with each of these programs!  At your piano interview (no charge for this) your child will be assessed to see which program is best for their needs.  

 Take the My First Piano Adventure Tour and see what Tiny Tinkles Preschool Piano is all about!!  Email me tinytinkles@hotmail.com  and I will send you a link to (Faber and Faber's website) with a short video about "My First Piano Adventure" .....

 Ages 5 and 6

My Preschool and Primary Lessons offer a fun and exciting program that introduces your child to the world of music through games, songs, and activities.  Your child will develop singing and note reading skills, a sense of musicality and eventually, confidence in performing; all of this before they are even ready to read!! We learn music together using an ensemble approach (with a learning CD for use during lessons and home practice), clapping, tapping, and playing piano.  The program is based on Faber and Faber's My First Piano Adventure series and is especially written for children ages 5-6.  These books capture your child's playful spirit and imagination.  There is one 30 minute lesson per week and the time goes by WAY quicker than you could imagine...

 Late Elementary Students

Children in Grades 4 to 6 learn very quickly, and need to learn from a method that stimulates and helps to captivate their interest in playing the piano.  My method of choice for this age group is Faber and Faber's Accelerated Piano Adventures.  This method combines the Primer and Level One of the basic Piano Adventures and moves at a quicker pace.  Within the first year of lessons, these students will be introduced to the Primer Levels of Royal Conservatory.


 Continuing Students - Intermediate and Advanced

Students who are new to Tiny Tinkles but not new to Piano can use the existing methods they have been learning on or switch to a Piano Adventures Series or Royal Conservatory, depending upon their ability.  Whenever posssible, students will be encouraged to learn music from the RCM collection - the repertoire introduces and expands on the fundamentals of music. 


 Adult Students - 

Beginner or Continuing

Interested in taking up a new instrument?  Or would like to brush up on your skills?  I have taught many Adults over the years and currently have 3 regulars.  Shift work???  No problem, I can offer you flexability for daytime lessons Monday to Friday - from 8:45 to 1:00.  Keeping the same lesson time each week is not necessary, we will book a few lessons at a time to work with your schedule.  You will only pay for the lessons that you receive.  For Beginning Adults there are many good books out there...  Of course there is the Adult version of Piano Adventures by Faber and Faber, or a great adult method by Hal Leonard that comes with a CD.  I do recommend that you stay away from books that start out with a chord approach as they can be quite dry and many adults find them boring!!  Both the Faber and the Hal Leonard books have a variety of genres and there is something for everyone in them!  Many of my students purchase both books and use them together - it gives them a strong start!  For Continuing adults, we will learn whatever you want to play!  If you want to take RCM exams, or if you want to play just for fun - classical, jazz, hymns, ragtime... it's up to you...  Tell me your goals and I'll make it happen (it will take some practicing of course!)  Adult students also have the opportunity to play in Tiny Tinkles Studio Recitals and also for "Adults only recitals" put on by the Chilliwack BCRMTA. 


Princess and Superhero Recital!
We all had a wonderful time and Three Leaf Photography was onsite to take professional photos of everyone!  It was a beautiful day and we had CUPCAKES to celebrate with after 8)