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Preschool Classes!

The Learning Groove curriculum is an exciting way to offer music and movement enrichment to your child! 

​We have AWESOME music and story songs.  TLG's music is enjoyed by adults as much as the children!  The curriculum includes over 20 styles of music on each CD, story songs, humor aimed towards adults and hip grooves.

 Lyric and Activity Pages provided to your children as a take home activity to enjoy each week!  You will also have access to the music that we sing each week to have fun with at home.

Classes Start September 11th !!!

Let ME tell you About The Learning Groove!


The Learning Groove was created by the author (Eric Litwin) and music producer (Michael Levine) of the first four Pete the Cat picture books. The Learning Groove uses music and movement to promote early learning with a focus on developing a child's music aptitude, motor coordination, social learning skills and language acquisition. 


The Learning Groove creates CDs/downloads which are educationally designed to be utilized in parent/child classes, preschool music and movement enrichment classes, preschool and early elementary classrooms or simply to rock out at home. The music is interactive and fun for children and adults. 


The Learning Groove began over lunch one afternoon when Eric and Michael discussed their shared interest in early education and music. They were soon creating music in the studio. With their unique experiences as educators, authors and musicians, Michael and Eric brought a fresh and enthusiastic perspective and approach to early education.


The company grew slowly with Michael and Eric as the only teachers. However word spread and the numbers of students and teachers started to grow. Now there are The Learning Groove teachers and classes across the United States and the world. 

At the heart of The Learning Groove is the philosophy that children learn best when they are engaged and having fun. And music and movement is the best way to achieve this. 


To learn more about Eric Litwin, visit www.ericlitwin.com

To learn more about Michael Levine, visitwww.michaellevine.net.

I am super excited to be a teacher of this exiting curriculum!   Visit www.thelearninggroove.com for more info.

I trained to be a teacher for The Learning Groove because I am passionate about teaching music to toddlers and preschoolers!  It took me many years to find a program that fit my style of learning and teaching.  I LOVE the stories, I LOVE the music and I absolutely LOVE all the experience I have gained through the intensive teacher training.   

FAQs - TLG Preschool Classes:


At what age should we begin?


Research shows us that the first years of your child's life are the most important for developing their musical abilities. So the earlier you begin your child's music education the better.  Many parents start their kids at around six to eight months. 


What ages do your programs serve? 


The Learning Groove Preschool Classes serve children ages 3 and 4. 


What will my child learn in The Learning Groove music classes? 


Rhythm, Pitch and Melody, Language Skills, Motor Coordination, Kindergarten Readiness, Creative Expression, Imagination, Cultural Awareness, 

Interpersonal Skills, Love and Happiness.


How often do we attend class? 


The Learning Groove classes are given once a week. Each class is thirty minutes.


How many classes are in a session? 


Generally there are ten classes.  


What do we do in a typical class? 


In every class your child will sing, dance, play instruments, laugh, listen, jam along, march, chant, clap, wiggle, make stuff up, pretend, use rich language and explore and expand your child's amazing potential through the arts. 


Do we get a CD to accompany the class? 


A CD is not included in your price of the class.  Most of the songs and activities are available online for you at The Learning Groove.  If you would like to order a CD you can do so through Ms. Deb. or online at many retailers.

How do young children learn music? 


The most important learning strategy at this young age is the immersion and exposure to high quality music. Children learn by repetition, discovery and playful practice. 

Can you come to my preschool? 


Absolutely!!  If you would like Tiny Tinkles Music Studio to bring The Learning Groove to your preschool, please send me an email and I will contact your teacher and the administrator and set you up with a free class.  A partial or a full year's curriculum can be set up for your child's preschool at an affordable cost (usually just $2 per student per week depending upon class size).  Please email me for more info!

Program Details at Tiny Tinkles Music Studio

47181 Latimer Rd

Tiny Tinkles Music Studio makes music affordable for families! 

Registration Fee: $30 for the entire year.

Monthly Payments of $50*

*Sign up a friend you will receive 20% off your fees every month!  

If your friend signs up a friend, they will also receive 20% off their fees every month!

Siblings: 50% off for Additional Siblings

Current Class Times starting September 11th:

Mondays 11:00-11:30

Thursdays 9:00-9:30