PReschool Prodigies Is Here!


Our Flagship program for Preschoolers (ges 3-6) focuses on playing the C MAJOR Deskbells, singing with the C Major Solfege (Curwen) handsigns, as well as singing about colors, letters, numbers and more.  It is designed to span 1-2 years of preschool music education (depending on your child's abilities to grasp all the concepts)

MAY - JUNE Session

Thursdays 1:30-2:15 (Beginner Prodigies)

Thursdays 2:30 - 3:15 *

Fridays 9:30 - 10:15 *

* Classes marked with an astrix are reserved for those already registered in the current class time.  After a child has completed one session of a Beginner Prodigies Class, they can move to a class time that is already established.

What knowledge will my child learn with the Preschool Prodigies Curriculum?

Gross Motor Skills: The control of large muscles for
movement, navigation, and balance.

Fine Motor Skills: The control of small muscles for such
purposes as using utensils, self-care, building and

Self-Concept & Self-Efficacy: The perception that one is
capable of successfully making decisions, accomplishing
tasks, and meeting goals.

Self-Regulation: The ability to recognize and regulate
emotions, attention, impulses, and behavior.

Emotional & Behavorial Health:A healthy range of
emotional expression and learning positive alternatives to
aggressive or isolating behaviors.
• Students play games that require them to
move around the room based on the sound that
they hear.
• Students play the deskbells in every lesson.
• Students practice hand-signs in every lesson.
• Students complete workbook activities that
require them to use crayons, scissors and
• Students complete music lessons in an
error-proof setting, which maximizes their
chances for cultivating a sense of self-efficacy.
• Students complete activities like song-writing,
listening games and performance opportunities.
• Students mirror the behavior of the adults--call
and response rhythms & patterns in their video
lessons and listening games conducted by their
• Students practice turn-taking, reciprocity and
community through some of the whole-group
and partner activities in the curriculum.


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