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You could earn a new ribbon each class!

Want to know how to earn your ribbons?  Master these pieces in order and you will be given a ribbon that you can tie to the end of your recorder - show everyone how much you have learned - and how hard you have been practicing!!  Good Luck!


 White      Hot Cross Buns

Red         Au Clair de la lune

Orange   Trampin'

Yellow    Salish Hand Game

Green     Hush Little Baby or Dynamite

Purple    Ode to Joy

Black      Camptown Races


January 19th

Hi Guys! Hope you are all enjoying your snow days! Alex and I have been very busy over this break practicing and we thought it might be helpful (for those of you who brought your recorders home) if we posted the music for some of our songs that we need to practice! I don't know if I will see you on friday, but I will see you next week, so keep practicing and hopefully I'll be able to reward you all with white ribbons and some of you with red ones too!

Click on this link and you will see music you can read and play -- if you open another window at the same time you can read the music and select to play the MP3!



If you open this PDF there are a few more songs for you to learn just using BAG notes -- Enjoy!


LME B-A-G recorder songs.pdf LME B-A-G recorder songs.pdf
Size : 24.683 Kb
Type : pdf
LME Recorder Note Chart with F Sharps.pdf LME Recorder Note Chart with F Sharps.pdf
Size : 64.876 Kb
Type : pdf

 O Canada


To play the music while you practice click on the link for O_Canada.mid


O_Canada.mid O_Canada.mid
Size : 5.107 Kb
Type : mid


For Boomwhacker notes click on the pdf below.

Size : 16.625 Kb
Type : pdf


Recorder Method by Penny Gardner 


Page One

Learn 3 Notes - B A G



Page Two

Learn How To Breathe!



Page Three

Steps And Skips