Ensemble Music for Kids ages 8 to 11

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Rainbow Recorder Whackers

$50/month + $35 Registration & Supply Fee

10 Week Program Fees Include a quality Yamaha baroque recorder, a music book and a subscription to MusicLearningCommunity.com 




 60 minute weekly classes.  An exciting class that combines recorders and boomwhackers in a learning to read music and ensemble playing atmosphere.  This class is all about melody ad rhythm and is sure to please all ages!  Earn Ribbons as you Master your recorder pieces and become a rhythm expert through playing the boomwhackers!  You will learn to read music in the treble cleff and how to read percussive rhythms. Play recorder duets and in the boom whacker/recorder band!


2012 2013  Rainbow Recorder Lesson Policy.pdf 2012 2013 Rainbow Recorder Lesson Policy.pdf
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Here's a Video featuring some excellent Boomwhacker music!  Each coloured tube represents a different note of the musical scale. The longer the tube, the lower the sound - the shorter the tube, the higher the sound...  Boomwhackers are an excellent and fun way to learn rhythm!