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Lena Lopez reviewed Tiny Tinkles Music Studio Chilliwack  5 star

7 November 2017

My son (14 months) and I checked out a demo class and had so much fun. My son was laughing and dancing the entire time. It was so great to see him enjoying the music and all the other kids. We are so excited to start lessons and continue to play with music. Absolutely an amazing class for kids!

Amber Price reviewed Tiny Tinkles Music Studio Chilliwack  5 star

9 November 2017

My son is 2.5 and his confidence has skyrocketed since he started attending music classes. He used to be so shy about singing, and now he breaks into song regularly and asks me to join him. We're very grateful to Tiny Tinkles for providing this enriching learning opportunity for our son!

Ron Plowright reviewed Tiny Tinkles Music Studio Chilliwack  5 star

1 August 2017

Miss Deb is great with kids and meets them where they are at developmentally. She is incredibly patient, reasonably priced and flexible to your and your child's needs. The studio space is calm and inviting and she even treats you to a cup of coffee!

Leia Brown reviewed Tiny Tinkles Music Studio Chilliwack  5 star

6 March 2014

We have had the pleasure of our 2 daughters taking lessons here for 3 years , we started here with Debra and she is wonderful , patient , skilled and a gifted teacher , if you are looking for a teacher , look no further you have found her

Sarah Sorensen reviewed Tiny Tinkles Music Studio Chilliwack  5 star

23 June 2014

We love this class! I am thrilled with the progress my daughter has made! I can hardly believe my daughter can read music and she is only 5 years old!
Thanks Ms. Deb!


What an amazing year of growth!  You bring such a warm and kind spirit with you when you come to teach our children.  Thank you for your encouragement and dedication this year!!   Kara Rideout

I do want you to know how much we've appreciated your teaching, and how much Janae has loved having lessons with you! It's also allowed me to see a whole new side of her personality when I've watched her with you, and it's been wonderful, Thank you.

Monica deRegt

The Recital today was awesome!  I thoroughly enjoyed it and so did Eric!!  We can't wait for the next music recital/festival to happen.  The kids were all so great.  I thought Eric looked so cute with the bowing.  He did it slow and got up slow and smiled so big.  Hilarious!  And your playing was absolutely stupendous.  Very full of emotion and you flowed beautifully.   I love hearing you play.  Thanks for today!!!

Sam, Eric, Maureen and Kevin

 Paige and Conall really like having lessons with you.  Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!  I loved your chopin piece.  You are a beautiful pianist.  

Veronica MacIntosh