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Tiny Tinkles offers private lessons tailored to your child's unique needs  

30 Minute Weekly Lessons that follow the Music for Little Mozarts Piano Curriculum and move at a pace set by your child...

Calling all 3-5 year olds!  Join Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse in a musical journey!  This one on one program will create a positive musical experience for you and your child and an opportunity for the you to be musical together!  Learn through the art of play!!  The lessons include singing and movement, games, fingerplays, beginning literacy and math concepts, and an opportunity to improve fine-motor skills!  Students begin with pre-reading activities and become fluent note readers by the end of the course!  Solfege is also introduced through singing (do, re, mi,...) The material package is extensive - and crucial to your child progressing with confidence in this class.  You will receive 2 stuffies, Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear, 1 Music Lesson Book, 1 Music Workbook, a CD for Level One, a piano planner, flash cards, and a subscription to Since this program moves at a pace set by your child's learning curve it can take 2-4 years to complete the program.  There are four levels in the MFLM piano program and the supplies for each level are $50, and are purchased at time of completion of the previous level.  


A payment schedule is posted below Cost for this program is as follows: 30 Minute Weekly Private lessons @ $24 each, plus $25 Registration fee, and $50 supply fee in September and a $50 supply fee when your child is ready to move to each next level.  Students MUST have a piano or full sized touch sensitive keyboard at home for practice purposes.