a piano program for preschoolers 

 Miss Chelsea 

(3year old tinytinkles student) performs Old MacDonald 

at her lesson


Calling all Preschoolers ages 3 and 4!  Finally a program that was tailored to your needs!  The Wunderkeys program was created by Andrea and Trevor Dow of Shawnigan Lake, BC!  Tiny Tinkles is excited to bring this fresh new program to you!

30 minute Private lessons provide your child a personalized lesson every week to meet their own specific needs!  This program combines beginning piano skills with a foundation in math to support early literacy in preschool and kindergarten.  Your child will learn to recognize letters, numbers, patterns and sequences, as well as listening skills! This is a wonderful program that will help your child to become confident, assertive, respectful and will to participate.  Call or email for more information.   


  For more information on the WunderKeys program please visit their website at www.wunderkeys.com