Making Music Lessons Affordable for Families


Of course, every Mom and Dad wants the BEST for their little one! If it is time to find a Music Teacher for your preschooler - choose TINY TINKLES - the music studio that specializes in teaching young children.  

Tiny Tinkles offers music lessons for even the youngest of students!  Parent and Child Classes and Preschool Classes with The Learning Groove's Curriculum  (  

Preschool Music Discovery and Introducation to Piano with KiddyKeys Curriculum  (  Your Child may not yet be ready to learn Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, but he/she can learn simple little patterns and short musical pieces that are fun, encouraging and that will compliment them in EVERY aspect of their lives. 

Come see what Tiny Tinkles is all about!  

Tiny Tinkles Music Studio is conveniently located on Little Mountain on the eastern hillsides of Chilliwack.  Enjoy the comfort of an in-home studio.  Sit back and relax with a cup of coffee or tea, and take a moment while your child learns on my Kawai 6'1" Grand Piano. As an active member of the British Columbia Registered Music Teachers' Association you can feel confident when choosing me as your teacher.  I will provide you with fully qualified instruction, a professional atmosphere, patience, respect and compassion.

Owner/Sole Instructor:  Debra Krol  604-791-7749


BC Registered Music Teacher (Piano), 

Diploma in Music - Major: Piano, Minor: Voice 

Certified and Licensed Music and Movement Teacher 

Parent and Child & Preschool - The Learning Groove

Licensed Teacher of KiddyKeys