Welcome to the Music For Little Mozarts Practice Page!

 March 14th

Music Class was GREAT today!  

Did you enjoy playing the morracas and learning our new song - 


Now try singing it with the video! Can you remember all the words?   

I am so impressed at how we have almost mastered the Do-Re-Mi song - keep practicing and soon we can put on a concert!  

We have all learned so much about music - High and Low, Up and Down, Loud and Soft and Fast and Slow, but can you put them all together now?  

Have fun listening and singing along to these great songs!

 March 8th

 Today we learned all about FAST AND SLOW!

We experimented singing The Old Grey Cat slowly while she was sleeping, and quickly when the mice were scampering. 

We had fun playing with sticks!

fast notes and slow notes ---- quarter notes and half notes!

And we even learned Elvin the Elephants favorite note - E

This week's video is all about the fast and slow!  


Hope you enjoy this-

one of my many favorites of 

Laurie Berkner songs!

  March 1st 

What a fabulous bunch of singers you have all become!! 

We learned two new musical concepts today:    Loud and Soft

And we also learned Cleo and Clyde Cats favorite note! - C

It was so much fun to sing Twinkle Little Star LOUDLY for Beethoven Bear and in our LOW voices!  And, Mozart Mouse loved it when you sang SOFTLY in your high voice to Hush Little Baby.  Can you practice singing the Do Re Mi song with the music link below?  Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse would also love it if you would sing the Make a Circle song with them too!

 Make a Circle....

 can you sing with me?

Round and Round

Big big big, Small small small

Up up up, Down down down

Loud loud loud, Soft soft soft

 February 22nd 

  Your Itsy bitsy Spider is so excited to sing with you at home this week! Play this video to sing along with this upbeat version of the song.


 Todays lesson was all about: 

Up and Down

Be sure to practice singing the the rhyme Ten Thousand Friends.

I'll be you can march and say it with a very steady beat!

February 15th 

What great fun I had learning with all of you today!! 

I am so excited for our adventures with Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear, I hope you have fun practicing with your new music book at home.  With your Mom and Dad you can try telling the story of Mr. Mouse and Mr. Bear going up the hill and down the hill all the way to each other's houses.  You can also listen to the Hello Song (below) that we will start our next class with, and sing along to - If you're happy and you know it!  Detective Dog is so very happy that you learned his favorite note - "D" and hopes that soon you will be able to find some of his very good friends!